Adinkra Supersymmetry

In supergravity theory, supersymmetry theory and superstring theory, Adinkra symbols are a graphical representation of supersymmetry algebras. The similarity between Adinkra in supersymmetry and Adinkra symbols is that they are both graphical representations with hidden meanings (Prof. Sylvester James Gates Jr.).


Twi: Berɛ annuru annuru a, ɛtra. English Transliteration: Procrastination is the thieve of time.

Adinkra Card Game Numbers

Adinkra card game has a total of 52 cards. This consist of the 28 spheres of the Adinkra Flower of Life (AFOL) and 22 paths of the Adinkra Tree of Life (ATOL). There is one miscellaneous sphere and one miscellaneous path giving a total of 52 spheres and paths as demonstrated in the diagram below.


You did not say goodbye when you left home.