Category: Adinkra Audio

  • Hwemudua

    hwEmudua Transliteration – “Measuring Stick”. Meaning – “Symbolizes strive towards perfection.”

  • Adinkra

  • Gye Nyame

    gyE NamE Transliteration – “Except God”. Meaning – Symbol of the supremacy of God.

  • Fawohodie

    fawohodiE [Fawohodie] – “Freedom”. Meaning – Independence comes with its responsibilities.

  • Eban

    eban [Eban] – “Fence”. Meaning – A home with a fence is considered an ideal residence.

  • Dame Dame

    damE damE [Dame] – “Name of a board game”. Meaning – Signifies intelligence and ingenuity.

  • Owo Foro Adobe

    Transliteration – “Snake climb the raffia palm”. Meaning – Signifies persistence and diligence to achieve success.

  • Bi Nka Bi

    bi nka bi Transliteration – “Bite not one another”. Meaning – Caution against negative actions towards one another such as cheating.

  • Adinkrahene

    AdinkrahEnE Transliteration – “Chief of Adinkra symbols” Meaning – To act in a leadership role and inspire others.

  • Osram Ne Nsoromma

    csram nE nsoromma Transliteration – “The Moon and the Star” Meaning – Symbolizes love, faithfulness and harmony.