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  • Nsaa

    nsaa Transliteration – “High quality hand woven fabric”. Meaning – Symbolizes quality and durability.

  • Nyansapo

    Nansapc Transliteration – “Wisdom knot”. Meaning – Symbolizes the power and skill found in wise and intelligent sayings such as proverbs.

  • Okodee Mmowere

    ckcdECe mmcwECre Transliteration – “The talons of the Eagle”. Meaning – Symbolizes strength in unity.

  • Nyame Dua

    NamEC dua Transliteration – “Tree of God”. Meaning – Signifies the presence and protection of God.

  • Mate Masie

    matEC maCsiE Transliteration – “What I hear, I keep”. Meaning – Symbolizes receptivity to learning and education.

  • Hye Wonhye

    SEC wonSEC Transliteration – “That which cannot be burnt”. Meaning – The ability to withstand hardship and life difficulties.

  • Mpuanum

    mpuanum Transliteration – “Five tufts of hair”. Meaning – This is the traditional coded hairstyle of priestesses.

  • Odo Nnyera Fie Kwan

    cdc nNECra fiE qan Transliteration – “Love never loses its way home”. Meaning – Love, devotion, hope and faithfulness.

  • Mpatapo

    mpatapc Transliteration – “Knot of reconciliation”. Meaning – Symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification.

  • Dwennimmen

    dwEnnimmen Transliteration – “Ram’s horns”. Meaning – Symbolizes humility together with strength.

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