mpatapc Transliteration – “Knot of reconciliation”. Meaning – Symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification.


dwEnnimmen Transliteration – “Ram’s horns”. Meaning – Symbolizes humility together with strength.


fihankra Transliteration – “You did not say goodbye when you left home”. Meaning – Symbolize security and safety.


duafE Transliteration – “Wooden comb”. Meaning – Symbol of beauty and cleanliness.


akokcnan Transliteration – “The leg of a hen”. Meaning – Symbolizes nurturing and discipline.

Wawa Aba

wawa aba Transliteration – “Seed of the Wawa tree”. Meaning – Symbolizes hardiness and perseverance.

Bese Saka

bEsE saka Transliteration – “Sack of Cola nuts”. Meaning – Symbolizes affluence, power and abundance.

Nea Onnim No Sua A Ohu

nEa onnim no sua a ohu Transliteration – “He/She who does not know, will know from learning”. Meaning – Perseverance, service and hard work in the acquisition of knowledge.


aya Transliteration – “Fern”. Meaning – The fern is hardy plant that can grow in difficult places.


sankcfa Transliteration – “Go back and take”. Meaning – Bringing past useful experiences into the present.