Category: Adinkra Audio

  • Fofo: Symbol

    fcfc Transliteration – “Seed of fofo plant.” Meaning – “Symbol of warning against jealousy and covetousness.”

  • Osram

    csram Transliteration – “The Moon”. Meaning – “Symbol of patience, silence and understanding”.

  • Nsoromma

    nsoCroCmma Transliteration – “A child of the heavens or a star”. Meaning – Symbol of a person who is a leader or a guardian.

  • Nkyinkyim

    nQinQim Transliteration – “Twisting”. Meaning – Symbolizes toughness and adaptability.

  • Kete Pa

    kete pa Transliteration – “Good bed”. Meaning – Symbol of faithfulness.

  • Mframadan

    mframadan Transliteration – “Wind-resistant house”. Meaning – Symbolizes Social security and preparedness.

  • Nyame Nwu Na Mawu

    NamEC nwu na maCwu Transliteration – “God does not die, and so I cannot die”. Meaning – I am an expression of the Divine.

  • Akoma

    akoCma Transliteration – “Heart”. Meaning – Symbolizes love, goodwill and faithfulness.

  • Nsaa

    nsaa Transliteration – “High quality hand woven fabric”. Meaning – Symbolizes quality and durability.

  • Nyansapo

    Nansapc Transliteration – “Wisdom knot”. Meaning – Symbolizes the power and skill found in wise and intelligent sayings such as proverbs.