Adinkra Symbols

No.Adinkra SymbolTransliterationMeaning
1ADINKRAHENE"Chief of Adinkra Symbols"To act in Leadership role and inspire others
2BI NKA BI"Bite not one another"Caution against negative actions towards one another such as cheating.
3OWO FORO ADOBE "Snake climb the raffia palm"Signifies persistence and diligence to achieve success
4DAME DAMEName of a board gameSignifies intelligence and ingenuity
5EBAN"Fence"A home with a fence is considered an ideal residence
6FAWOHODIE"Freedom"Independence comes with its responsibilities
7GYE NYAME"Except God"Symbolizes the Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresent power of God.
8HWEMUDUA"Measuring stick"Symbolizes strive towards perfection
9ESE NE TEKREMA"The teeth and the tongue"Friendship and interdependence
10EPA"Handcuff"A symbol of the uncompromising nature of the law to offenders and discourage slavery.
11KINTINKANTAN"Puffed up extravagance"Symbolizes the nature of some individuals who are arrogant, pompous and bossy.
12MMERƐ DANE"Time changes"Symbol of the change and dynamism of life.
13MPATAPƆ"Knot of reconciliation"Represent the bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful reconciliation.
14NKYIMU"Divider"Symbolizes skillfulness and precision.
15NYAME BIRIBI WƆ SORO"God's something is in the heavens"God dwells in the heavens and he answers prayers.
16PEMPAMSIE"Sew to preserve"Preparedness and readiness
17DENKYEM"Crocodile"We should adapt to changing conditions in our life and the environment
18ASASE YE DURU"The Earth has weight"Symbolizes the providence and divinity of Mother Earth.
19SANKƆFA"Go back and take"Bringing past useful experiences into the present
20AYA"Fern"Symbolizes endurance and resourcefulness
21NEA ONNIM NO SUA A, OHU"He/She who does not know, will know from learning"Practice makes one perfect
22BESE SAKA"Sack of Cola nut"Symbolizes affluence, power and abundance
23WAWA ABA"Seed of the Wawa tree"Symbolizes hardiness and perseverance
24AKOKONAN"The leg of a hen"Symbolizes nurturing and discipline
25DUAFE"Wooden comb"Symbolizes beauty and cleanliness
26FIHANKRA" You did not say goodbye when you left home"Symbolizes security and safety
27DWINNEMMEN"Ram's horns"Symbolizes humility together with strength
28OSRAM NE NSOROMMA"The Moon and the Star"Symbolizes love, faithfulness and harmony
29FUNTUNFUNEFU DENKYEMFUNEFU"Conjoined crocodiles"Democracy and unity in diversity
30MPUANUM"Five tufts of hair"Symbolizes loyalty and skillfullness
31HYE WONHYE"That which cannot be burnt"Symbolizes imperishability and endurance
32MATE MASIE"What I hear, I keep"Symbolizes receptivity to learning and education
33OKODEE MMOWERE"The talons of the Eagle"Symbolizes strength and power
34NYANSAPO"Wisdom Knot"Symbol of wisdom and intelligence
35NSAAHigh quality hand woven fabricSymbolizes quality and durability
36AKOMA"Heart"Symbolizes love, goodwill and patience
37NYAME NWU NA MAWU"God does not die, and so I cannot die"Symbolizes Immortality of the Soul
38NKONSONKONSON"Chain or Link"Symbolizes Interdependence, brotherhood and cooperation
39MFRAMADAN"Wind-resistant house"Symbolizes social security, excellence and preparedness
40KETE PA"Good bed"Symbolizes faith, love and hope
41NKYINKYIM"Twisting"Symbol of toughness and adaptability
42NSOROMMA"A child of the heavens" or "a star"Symbol of a person who is a leader or a guardian
43OSRAM"The Moon"Symbol of faith, patience and understanding
44BOA ME NA ME MMOA WO"Help me and let me help you"Symbol of cooperation and interdependence
45ODO NYERA FIE KWAN"Love never loses its way home"Symbolize love, devotion, hope and faithfulness.
46FOFO"Seed of fofo plant"Symbol of warning against jealousy and covetousness.
47AKOBEN"War horn"Symbolizes courage
48AKOFENA"The state ceremonial swords"Symbolizes courage
49GYAWU ATIKO"Shaving on the back of Gyawu's head"Symbolizes bravery and honor.
50KWATAKYE ATIKO"Special hair style of Kwatakye, a war captain of old Asante"Symbolizes bravery and honor.
51MUSUYIDEE"Thing to remove evil"Symbolizes sanctity, good fortune and enlightenment.
52OWUO ATWEDEE"The ladder of death"Symbolizes mortality and the physical body.
53SUNSUMThe "Soul"Symbolizes cleanliness of spirit and spirituality
54NYAME DUA"Tree of God"Signifies the presence and protection of God.
55ADWO"Calm"Signifies peace, tranquility and quietness.
56ABODE SANTANN"Totality of the universe"Signifies totality of natural and human creation.
57NEA OPE SE OBEDI HENE"He/She who wants to be a king"Symbol of service and the qualities of a leader.
58WO NSA DA MU A"If your hands are in the dish"Symbolizes democracy and participatory government
59MAKO NYINAA MPATU MMERE"All the peppers on the same tree do not ripen simultaneously"Symbolizes unique individual talents and unequal development.
60KYEMFERE"Potsherd (Broken pot)"Symbolize experience, service and antiquity.
61ADU HWAM"Fragrance" or "Powerful aroma"The king's authority and power is felt in all households in his kingdom.
62APRUKUMA"A medicinal seed"A medicinal seed use to treat infections.
63OWUO KUM NYAME"Death killed God"Symbolizes the invincibility of death and the power of God to overcome death.
64ANANSE NTONTAN"Spider web"Symbolizes wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life.
65TUMI TE SƐ KOSUA"Power is like an egg"Symbolizes the delicacy of political power, fragility of democracy and restraint.
66KRAMO BƆNE"Fake Moslem"Symbol of the need for critical inquiry, warning against quackery and hypocrisy.
67SESA WO SUBAN"Change your character"Symbol of warning against arrogance, bad manners and negative behavior.
68KOKUROMOTIE"Thumb"Symbol of cooperation, teamwork and harmony.
69ƆHENE ANIWA"The King's eyes"Symbol of vigilance, farsightedness, authority and power.
70OSIADAN NYAME"God, the builder"Symbol of God, the Builder and Creator.