Category: Akan Proverbs

  • Hwimhwim

    Adinkra hwimhwim adEe kc srcsrc. Akan Hwimhwim adee ko srosro. English Easy come, easy goes.

  • Baanu

    Adinkra baanu so a, Emmia. Akan Baanu so a, emmia. English When two people carry, the load lightens.

  • Anoma

    Adinkra anoma anntu a, obua da. Akan Anoma anntu a, obua da. English If a bird does not fly, it goes to bed hungry.

  • Owuo Kum Nyame

    Adinkra cdomankoma bc owuo ma owuo kum no. Akan Odomankoma bo owuo man owuo kum no. English The Creator created death only for death to kill him.

  • Bere

    Adinkra bEre annuru annuru a, etra. Akan Bere annuru annuru a, etra. English Procrastination is the thieve of time.

  • Owo

    Adinkra nEa cwc aka no pen no suro sonsono. Akan Nea owo aka no pen no suro sonsono. English He/She who has been bitten by a snake will be afraid of a worm.

  • Nsuo

    Adinkra nsuo a edc wo na ekc wahina mu. Akan Nsuo a edo wo na eko wahina mu. English It is the water that belongs to you that enters your jar.

  • Aserewa

    Adinkra ahunubipen nti na asErEwa rEgyEgyE nE ba agorc a na wayi nani ato nkyen. Akan Ahunubipen nti na aserewa regyegye ne ba agoro a na wayi nani ato nkyen. English It is because of “I have seen some before” that when the Silverbird is entertaining its young it looks away.

  • Mmosea

    Adinkra mmosEa twa wo nan asE a, Efiri fiE. Akan Mmosea twa wo nan ase a, efiri fie. English When the sole of your feet is cut by a gravel, it is from home.

  • Praye

    Adinkra praye, se woyi baako a na Ebu; wokabomu a Emmu. Akan Praye, se woyi baako a na ebu; wokabomu a emmu. English Broom, when you pick one it breaks easily; when combined it is impossible to break.