Tag: Bi Nka Bi

  • Nantuo

    Adinkra nantuo kcsECnEC sECre a na yadECe wcmu. Akan Nantuo kosene sere a na yadee womu. English If the calves grow bigger than the thigh, then there is some disease in them.

  • Pat Thomas

    Adinkra ckcmfoc bcnEC a woatECna yarECfoCc hoC noC, a ma ckcmfoC pa abetoC noC noC wcn yi noC ma” – pat thomas Akan Okomfo bone a woatena yarefuo ho no, a ma okomfo pa abeto no no won yi no ma” – Pat Thomas English “We do not disregard the bad fetish priest who sustained…

  • President John Atta Mills

    Adinkra “i havE always said that i will bE prEsidEnt for all ghanaians whEthEr thEy votEd for mE or not, and without ConsidEration for which part of the Country they ComE from. It will bE my duty as prEsidEnt to hEal wounds and unitE our dEar nation. i intEnd to pursuE rElEntlEssly all avEnuEs for…