Tag: Funtunfunefu Denkeymfunefu

  • Democracy

    Adinkra by thE timE thE fool has lEarnEd thE gamE, thE playErs havE dispErsEd. English By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed. Adinkra symbols above are: “Wo Nsa Da Mu A” (Democracy), Kokuromotie (Thumb or Voting) and “Ananse Ntontan” (Spider web or Game).

  • President J.J. Rawlings

    Adinkra dua kontonkyikuronkyi na ema yEhunu cdwomfo. Akan Dua kontonkyikuronkyi na ema yehunu odwomfo. English It is the crooked stick that reveals who the true sculptor is.

  • Nsatea

    Adinkra nsatEa nyinaa nnye pe. Akan Nsatea nyinaa nnye pe. English All fingers are not equal

  • Mako

    Adinkra mako Ninaa mpatu mmErE. Akan Mako nyinaa mpatu mmere. English All pepper do not simultaneously ripe.