Adinkra Cribbage

Game Rules

  1. Adinkra cribbage is played with a cribbage board.
  2. Distribute 5 or 6 cards to each player. 6 cards each for 2 players and 5 cards for 3 or more players.
  3. The crib belongs to the person distributing the cards.
  4. Each player contribute 1 or 2 cards to the crib. 2 cards each for 2 players and 1 card each for 3 or more players.
  5. The opponent cut the cards to reveal the top card or starter.
  6. The opponent get 2 points if the starter card is an Ether Element card.
  7. Players will have 4 cards in hand.
  8. Players play in turn and add card points as they go along.
  9. Cards are numbers zero to 9. Ignore zeros when counting Adinkra card game numbers. For cards with two or more digits, add the numbers to get a single digit from zero to 9.
  10. The first player to reach 12 points score 2 points.
  11. The next player to reach 28 points score 2 points.
  12. If a player does not have a lower card number to reach 28 points they pass and the game restart from zero.
  13. The opponent score one point if the player passes a round.
  14. The cards are not placed at the center of the table as each player needs to pick up the cards they played.
  15. When all cards are played the person with the crib count his score for played cards and the crib.
  16. Points are scored for card combinations that add up to 12, and for pairs, triplets, quadruples, runs and flushes.
  17. The opponent also count his scores after that.
  18. The starter card is used in counting scores.

Download: Adinkra Card Game booklet