Category: Adinkra Symbols

  • Dono Ntoaso

    dono ntoCasoC Transliteration “Extended drum” Meaning Symbolizes unified action, vigilance and rejoicing.

  • Dono

    dono Transliteration “Drum” Meaning Symbolizes appellation, praise, goodwill and rhythm.

  • Aban

    aban Transliteration “Fortress” or “Castle” Meaning Symbolizes seat of power, strength, authority and magnificence.

  • Akwaaba

    aqaaba Transliteration “Welcome” Meaning Symbolizes friendliness and hospitality

  • Fihankra

    fihankra Transliteration “You did not say goodbye when you left home”. Meaning Symbolize security and safety.

  • Duafe

    duafEC Transliteration “Wooden comb”. Meaning Symbol of beauty and cleanliness.

  • Akokonan

    akoCkcnan Transliteration “The leg of a hen”. Meaning Symbolizes nurturing and discipline.

  • Wawa Aba

    wawa aba Transliteration “Seed of the Wawa tree”. Meaning Symbolizes hardiness and perseverance.

  • Bese Saka

    bECsEC saka Transliteration “Sack of Cola nuts”. Meaning Symbolizes affluence, power and abundance.

  • Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu

    nECa onnim noC sua a, ohu Transliteration “He/She who does not know, will know from learning”. Meaning Perseverance, service and hard work in the acquisition of knowledge.