Category: Ghanaian Proverbs

  • Stranger

    Adinkra a strangEr dancEs; hE doEs not sing. English A stranger dances; he does not sing.

  • Bird and Feathers

    Adinkra if you want somEonE morE knowlEdgEable than yoursElf to idEntify a bird you do not first rEmovE thE fEathErs. English If you want someone more knowledgeable than yourself to identify a bird you do not first remove the feathers.

  • Harmattan

    Adinkra nobody Can prEparE for harmattan by drinking plEnty of watEr. English Nobody can prepare for harmattan by drinking plenty of water.

  • The Moon

    Adinkra thE moon movEs slowly but it CrossEs thE town. English The moon moves slowly but it crosses the town.

  • Misfortune

    Adinkra misfortunE doEs not rEstrict his visits to onE day. English Misfortune does not restrict his visits to one day.

  • Questioning

    Adinkra a child who asks quEstions doEs not becomE a fool. English A child who asks questions does not become a fool.

  • Eye and sleep

    Adinkra EvEn though thE EyE is blind, it still contains slEEp. English Even though the eye is blind, it still contains sleep.

  • Monkeys

    Adinkra monkEys play by sizEs. English Monkeys play by sizes.

  • Teach

    Adinkra if onE doEs not know, anothEr man tEaChEs him. English If one does not know, another man teaches him.

  • Knowledge

    Adinkra knowlEdgE is likE a baobab trEE; no onE Can EnCompass it with thEir hands. English Knowledge is like a baobab tree; no one can encompass it with their hands.