Tag: Pempamsie

  • Calabash

    Adinkra yebesi woC soC a anka yeSee woC ma. Akan Yebesi wo so a anka yehyee wo ma. English If they had intended to serve you a second time you would have got a calabashful the first time.

  • Bomokyikyie

    Adinkra bomoQiQiE firi nsuo asEC beka se denQem aCwu a yenNEC noC aCQiNEC. Akan Bomokyikyie firi nsuo ase beka se denkyem awu a yennye no akyinye. English If the bomokyikyie (a type of fish) comes from under the waters to say that the crocodile is dead, do not doubt it.

  • Cassava

    Adinkra aGEli WE Kolo mE To DaDa Gc o. Ewe Agbeli dze kpolo me tso dada gbo o. English Hard and tasteless cassava has nothing to do with the way it was cooked.

  • Leopard

    Adinkra rain bEats a lEopard’s skin, but it doEs not wash out thE spots. English Rain beats a leopard’s skin, but it does not wash out the spots.

  • Log and water

    Adinkra howEvEr long a log stays in thE watEr it will nEvEr bEComE a CroCodilE. English However long a log stays in the water it will never become a crocodile.

  • Agya

    Adinkra agya bi wu a, agya bi tE asE. Akan Agya bi wu a, agya bi te ase. English One gain a new father when you lose your father.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr : Time

    Adinkra thE timE is always right to do what is right – martin luthEr king, jr. English The time is always right to do what is right – Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Lizard

    Adinkra ckoCtre a chwe noC hoC soC noC, oNini danEC apcnQECreni. Akan (Twi) Okotre a ohwe no ho so no, onyini dane aponkyereni. English A lizard that knows how to hide grows to become a crocodile.