Adinkra Card Game

Adinkra card game combines the rich, beauty and harmony of Adinkra.

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3 responses to “Adinkra Card Game”

  1. Lois A McClendon Avatar
    Lois A McClendon

    I purchased the card game but the directions don’t actually tell you how to play. Is there a book especially designed for the deck?

    1. adinkraalphabet_r0g8j4 Avatar

      Dear Lois,

      Here is the link to download the Adinkra card game booklet @ Let us know if you have any other question. Thank you.


    2. adinkraalphabet_r0g8j4 Avatar

      My favorite Adinkra card game is the Tarot game. It is a game of intention that can be played at any desired time. You shuffle all cards and select 3 cards randomly. Lay the cards up and do a reading based on the Adinkra virtue at the center of each card. I usually take a picture of my selection for record.

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