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  • Numbers in Akan (Twi) beyond one thousand

    NoUAdinkraEnglish1x10e3FapECmone thousand1x10e6FFcpECpECmone million1x10e9FFFcpECpECpECmone billion1x10e12FFFFapamone trillion1x10e15FFFFFapam baakoC apECm baakoCone quadrillion1x10e18FFFFFFapam baakoC apECm mmiEnuone quintillion1x10e21FFFFFFFapam baakoC apECm mmiensaone sextillion1x10e24FFFFFFFFapam mmiEnuone septillion1x10e27FFFFFFFFFapam mmiEnu apECm baakoCone octillion1x10e30FFFFFFFFFFapam mmiEnu apECm mmiEnuone nonillion

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  • Writing Adinkra Numbers

  • Calculate Adinkra Numerical Value

  • Counting in Akan(Twi)

    U No Akan English g 0 hwECEC Zero s 1 baakoC One p 2 mmiEnu Two a 3 mmiensa Three d 4 enan Four o 5 Enum Five C 6 nsia Six u 7 nsoCn Seven q 8 nwctwEC Eight f 9 nkroCn Nine sg 10 Edu Ten ss 11 dubaakoC Eleven sp 12 dumiEnu…

  • Adinkra Card Game Numbers

    Adinkra card game has a total of 52 cards. This consist of the 28 spheres of the Adinkra Flower of Life (AFOL) and 22 paths of the Adinkra Tree of Life (ATOL). There is one miscellaneous sphere and one miscellaneous path giving a total of 52 spheres and paths as demonstrated in the diagram below.

  • Adinkra Numerical value

    Each character in the Adinkra Alphabet system has a unique number, literal meaning, physical meaning and metaphysical meaning. Below is a table of Adinkra numbers with simplified Adinkra Alphabet characters.