Category: Ghana Mmebusem

  • Ope

    aCdinkra yennoCm nsuo ntwen cpe English Nobody can preparefor harmattan by drinking plenty of water.

  • Dufokyee

    Adinkra woCtECna dufcQECe soC di bcfre a, woC toC fc, wanoC nsoC fc.

  • Obi Nnim

    Adinkra obi nnim a, obi QECre. English The one who knows teaches the one who does not know.

  • Etiri Koro

    Adinkra Etiri koCroC nkc aCZina. English A single person cannot hold a consultation.

  • Nantuo

    Adinkra nantuo kcsECnEC sECre a na yadECe wcmu. Akan Nantuo kosene sere a na yadee womu. English If the calves grow bigger than the thigh, then there is some disease in them.

  • Calabash

    Adinkra yebesi woC soC a anka yeSee woC ma. Akan Yebesi wo so a anka yehyee wo ma. English If they had intended to serve you a second time you would have got a calabashful the first time.

  • Bofre

    Adinkra bcfre a eye de na abaa da asECe – ghana mmEbusem. Akan Bofre a eye de na abaa da asee – Ghana Mmebusem.

  • Nokware

    Adinkra noCqarEC ye ayarECsa – ghana mmEbusem. English Truth is a cure – Ghanaian proverb.

  • Bomokyikyie

    Adinkra bomoQiQiE firi nsuo asEC beka se denQem aCwu a yenNEC noC aCQiNEC. Akan Bomokyikyie firi nsuo ase beka se denkyem awu a yennye no akyinye. English If the bomokyikyie (a type of fish) comes from under the waters to say that the crocodile is dead, do not doubt it.

  • Asuahunu

    Adinkra adEe Nina dan asuahunu. Akan Adee nyina dan asuahunu.