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  • Ghana at 65

  • Ghana National Anthem

    Ghana National Anthem

    God bless our homeland Ghana, And make our nation great and strong, Bold to defend for ever,The cause of Freedom and of Right.Fill our hearts with true humilityMake us cherish fearless honesty,And help us to resist oppressor’s ruleWith all our will and might for evermore. Hail to thy name, O Ghana,To thee we make our…

  • Ghana National Pledge

    Ghana National Pledge

    i promisE on my honor to bE faithful and loyal to ghana my mothErland. i plEdgE mysElf to thE sErviCE of ghana, with all my strEngth and with all my hEart. i promisE to hold in high EstEEm our hEritagE, won for us through thE blood and toil of our fathErs; and i plEdgE mysElf…

  • Regions of Ghana

    No. Region Adinkra Capital 1 Ashanti kumasi Kumasi 2 Brong Ahafo suNani Sunyani 3 Bono East taQiman Tachiman 4 Ahafo ahafoC goCasoC Ahafo Goaso 5 Central CapE Coast Cape Coast 6 Eastern koforidua Koforidua 7 Greater Accra aCCra Accra 8 Northern tamalE Tamale 9 Savannah damcngoC Damongo 10 North East nalErigu Nalerigu 11 Upper East…