Tag: Adinkra Alphabet

  • Wawa Aba

    wawa aba Glyph w Transliteration “Seed of the Wawa tree”. Meaning Symbolizes hardiness and perseverance.

  • Bese Saka

    bECsEC saka Glyph v Transliteration “Sack of Cola nuts”. Meaning Symbolizes affluence, power and abundance.

  • Nea Onnim No Sua A Ohu

    nECa onnim noC sua a, ohu Glyph u Transliteration “He/She who does not know, will know from learning”. Meaning Perseverance, service and hard work in the acquisition of knowledge.

  • Aya

    aya Glyph t Transliteration “Fern”. Meaning The fern is hardy plant that can grow in difficult places.

  • Sankofa

    sankcfa Glyph s Transliteration “Go back and take”. Meaning Bringing past useful experiences into the present.

  • Asase Ye Duru

    asasEC yE duru Glyph r Transliteration “The Earth has weight”. Meaning Symbolizes the importance of the Earth in sustaining life.

  • Denkyem

    denQem Glyph q Transliteration “Crocodile”. Meaning We should learn to adjust to different situations in life.

  • Pempamsie

    pECmpamsiE Glyph p Transliteration “Sew to preserve”. Meaning Preparedness and readiness.

  • Nyame Biribi Wo Soro

    NamEC biribi wc soCroC Glyph o Transliteration “God’s something is in the heavens”. Meaning God dwells in the heavens and he answers prayers.

  • Nkyimu

    nQimu Glyph n Transliteration “Divider”. Meaning Symbolizes skillfulness and precision.